Healthcare Management Experts, LLC


Practice Areas

02. ​EHR Implementation

Healthcare Management Experts, LLC provides resources and support to physician practices by assisting them in selecting and adopting an appropriate EMR product that meets their
expectations, resource availability and practice office structures.

03. ​On-going Management and Support

Healthcare Management Experts provide on-going practice management services for physicians interested in operating a cost effective and efficient practice. The rapid changes in the healthcare environment and the time requirements have resulted in office managers being unable to keep up, which leads to missed opportunities and lost revenues for the practice. Healthcare Management Experts will work with your office manager and staff to identify and implement operational improvements.

04. ​Operational Assessment

The Operational Assessment includes an extensive review of all of the business processes to determine if the practice is operating as effectively and efficiently as possible. Financial Performance Monitoring includes a comprehensive review of key
financial indicators that will help the physician(s) keep track of the practice’s financial performance on a monthly and quarterly basis.

01. ​Practice Start-up Consult

Practice start-up consults are ideally performed at least four to six months in advance of the start date, and the earlier the better (even though some practices come to us months after starting up!). 

The initial consult involves scheduling a meeting with the physician(s) making decisions regarding practice start-up and operations. At the first meeting, the physician and consultant will map out the timeline and schedule future meeting dates. A practice budget will be established, and preliminary marketing strategies will be discussed and planned, and all physician-questions will be answered.

After the first meeting, Healthcare Management Experts will begin creating the following: an employee handbook and policy and procedure manual customized to fit the needs of the practice; a plan for staffing the practice; a billing and
collections solution; office brochure; and most forms needed to run the practice. The physician and consultant will work together to create the
practice’s superbill. A checklist and calendar of pre-start-up activities will be prepared and reviewed in detail. 


Advice and guidance is what most physicians need when then decide to go out on their own, our clients have not only succeeded in the practices we have helped them start, we have consistently exceeded their expectations by being experts in the business side of medicine.


05. ​Financial Performance

Our Financial Analysis measures the gap between what it cost to perform the services and the income generated from those services. Healthcare Management Experts look at a number of variables, including but not limited to payor mix, charge capture, coding and accounts receivable. This allows us to identify where revenue is being lost and implement procedures to ensure the practice doesn’t leave any revenue on the table.

06. ​Staff Development

Healthcare Management Experts realizes that success doesn’t happen by accident. A staff that is well trained not only provides the potential for increased profits, but also will help avoid the situations that can get the business in legal trouble. We will help assess the skills of your staff, provide them with training and develop a plan to help them work to their full potential.

07. ​Regulatory Compliance

With the rapid changes in the healthcare environment continuing to place regulatory demands of medical practices that can cause an additional financial burden to the already stretched profit margin, Healthcare Management Experts offers assistance to medical practices by providing training in OSHA and HIPPA.